It seems that "serverless" is taking the world by storm, but it can be daunting to imagine a world where your entire application is shifted to this architecture. One of the easiest ways to adopt serverless as a paradigm is to use it for certain features of your application that can either be run asynchronously or are currently causing you scaling issues. By tackling these problems one at a time, you can start to understand the differences in development workflow, deployment, and testing that serverless brings to the table.

In this talk, we'll start with an application that has scaling problems on the critical path and look at how we can refactor just this one feature to use serverless functions and help the app run much more smoothly.


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Jessica Zehavi at 14:36 on 9 Mar 2019

This was a perfect introduction to "serverless" options offered by AWS, Google, and Azure, (ie lambda functions, etc) and Keanan clearly explained concepts, showed us examples and made it perfectly understandable! I'm already imagining use cases for lambdas which I've been eager to try out!