Rising the Tide


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Chris Holland at 15:42 on 8 Mar 2019

Great Keynote. Very strong, engaging presentation style covering with great skill important concepts to build bridges among developers, ops and security, getting back to the core philosophy of DevOps.

Steve Grunwell at 16:02 on 8 Mar 2019

Fantastic keynote about the intersection — and gaps — between the development, operations, and security communities. Presentation style was effective, and the entire talk was dripping with empathy.

Eugen Neuber at 06:10 on 9 Mar 2019

Great talk!

Ian did a great job getting us devs to relate to the struggle security folks are facing when we rush into new technology. I realized I don't consider security nearly enough in my process. I loved the idea of "abuser stories" in planning.

Omni Adams at 10:22 on 9 Mar 2019

Looking forward to adding user stories for bad actors to our projects when I get back to the office. Fun hearing a different perspective on security from the non-developer side of things.

Ian always presents large important concepts in an easy to digest way. Kudos!

Amy Gebhardt at 10:16 on 12 Mar 2019

Seriously awesome keynote. This talk included so many important points that tied into the theme of empathy with many practical suggestions for doing better.