Testing software in an automated fashion is one of the best ways to guarantee quality, reduce bugs, and prevent regressions in our code, and is a prerequisite to operating in a Continuous Integration environment. Unfortunately, the most difficult parts of testing come right at the beginning: scaffolding a test suite and writing our very first tests. For those who are new to automated testing, these hurdles can prove overwhelming.

This talk covers the fundamentals of testing, in a beginner-friendly way. We'll discuss how testing makes software better, the various levels of the Automation Pyramid, how to scaffold some basic unit and integration tests, and discuss the characteristics of great tests.


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Dave Buchanan at 10:53 on 9 Mar 2019

Great walk through of unit testing. Learned a couple new things, specifically setExpectedOutput and @group feature. So that's a int! Entertaining talk, speaker is very well prepared and informal. Which is good! Would have like to see more in depth on how to setup more automated testing. Like what are the tools, pros/cons. But maybe I misunderstood the topic.

Omni Adams at 11:02 on 9 Mar 2019

Good introduction to testing, learned a few annotations that I didn't know about, like @testwith. I read the title to mean that I've been testing wrong this whole time and that Steve would show the errors of my ways, not that it was meant for a beginner-level talk.

Roger Creasy at 11:07 on 9 Mar 2019

Great talk! I learned several new things, and am inspired to do more testing. If you don't test, or like me, just sort of test, you need to attend this talk.