Doctrine, Object Persistence, and You


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Good information that makes me rethink my ORM solution or at least give more consideration to some issues.

For those curious about the hybrid MySQL/MongoDB application I alluded to, see:

Kudos to Ross Larson for mentioning it on Twitter.

I already use Doctrine ORM. There was a ton of great information packed into this talk that showed me I had no idea Doctrine did for me. Also showing the design patterns in the beginning was a plus. One of my favorite talks because it has such a direct impact on my day to day. Thanks!


- Mind blowing to see how grown up objects are hydrated and persisted.
- Doctrine is cool and you helped make it (right?) and it's really cool to hear from the real team about it.
- This is somewhat more a compliment to Doctrine than to the speech, but the speech articulated it well: It's cool to see how Doctrine decouples the various tasks it performs to assure modularity and interoperability.
- I can tell that there are a lot of layers to doctrine, but I was still able to walk away with a clarity around the two main functions (ObjectDataManagement and ObjectRelationshipManagement, I think)


- I showed up late and missed the beginning and was some confused. NOT YOUR FAULT.