Drupal 8: Working together


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Anonymous at 16:03 on 16 Mar 2014

Was looking forward to the concept highlighted in the talk ... the slides lacked enough detail to be useful after the talk, or to permit being presented without notes.

Anonymous at 17:55 on 16 Mar 2014

An interesting talk

Anonymous at 08:45 on 17 Mar 2014

It was obvious the speaker knew the subject matter but the presentation was very poorly rehearsed and the slides lacked depth of material.

Chris, you have a ton of passion for Drupal and the subject matter--thanks for your efforts here. I think the majority of your audience didn't need to be convinced about the relevance of Drupal 8, and they were there looking for a talk explaining How to get up and running with Drupal 8. You would have done much better to avoid focusing half your talk on the why+philosophy of where Drupal is now, and instead showed us the results of all of those decisions and how they can directly impact how easy it is to build sites with Drupal. Talking with a few of the other attendees who joined the talk, I believe that is what they were hoping to walk away with.

Thank you all for your comments and your help in making this talk better.