Getting Started with the Symfony2 Framework


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Anonymous at 10:45 on 15 Mar 2014

Good times. Symfony with a Linux guy. It's a big topic to tackle, and he did a pretty good job.

Anonymous at 10:45 on 15 Mar 2014

Well done. Knowledgable.

Nice overview. I would love to the see the full version of the talk.. I will have to check that out on the website.

Good talk, thanks.

Really good presence. Good speaker. Content was too large for the time slot and the speaker did a very good job condensing but this talk SHOULD get 2 or 3 time slots to allow the speaker to really expound on what he clearly know a great deal about. An in depth how-to would also be great.

Overall, REALLY glad I caught this session.

I was the four star anonymous review. I really did enjoy it. Tough topic to cover completely in an hour.

Was a good intro to symfony, but you might want to look at ZF2 for your comparisons.

Great overview of Symfony core components and the request/response life-cycle of the framework...certainly helpful to those of us using other frameworks, which leverage Symfony components (Silex, Laravel).

Did a great job with this talk.


- Really good topic. Much needed.
- Totally covered things I didn't anticipate. Things that are sitting in my brain ... ("NOT an MVC framework... a Request/Response framework")
- Loved the quotes. So clutch.
- You are charismatic, dynamic, humorous, dashing (Not hitting on you. married. to a woman.) A good speaker with great leadership potential.


- You are right, it's a 2 hour talk.
--- I think I maybe needed a live code example of how all the requests and exceptions and responses worked through all those layers.

(P.S. I thought of you when I was working out to the Inu Yasha soundtrack! Thought you'd perhaps be proud, or perhaps disappointed if Inu Yasha is below your level of connoiseurship or something.)