Managing Dependencies with Composer


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Anonymous at 16:02 on 15 Mar 2014

Great talk. Informative and quotable.


Great intro talk with practical how-tos. I would have liked to have seen more of the hidden features (custom installers, etc) but it was a good talk that was informative and helpful.

Great talk, good presentation. Delved a bit deep into syntax of the dependencies, would have been nice to spend more time learning about packagist and tagging to help out with pushing out our own code thingies.

Great intro to Composer

I was the five star anonymous review. Beau is a smart dude, and provided some good, practical advice on how to use composer to make your projects more reliable and easy to understand.

Robert Radtke at 10:47 on 16 Mar 2014

great talk - learned how to figure out my dependency problems

Lots of good information, especially how composer handles the version matching.

Nice introduction and overview of Composer, information about the PSR-0 and PSR-4 coding standards (a topic that I feel deserves a talk of its own), and an explanation of semantic versioning. I didn't feel there was a very strong "takeaway" from the presentation other than Composer is great and PHP's package support is fantastic, so a possible suggestion for Beau is to evaluate the talk and consider what the main points you want to send the user away with and make sure that you reinforce them throughout the presentation. That said, great job. I really enjoyed this.

Great talk. I learned how to build my own composer packages as well as the PSR-0 & PSR-4 autoloading differences. Thanks!

This has been my first PHP Conference. Your presentation opened my eyes to many new possibilities including Composer. Thanks for the great presentation.


- You really opened the door to one of the most important developments in PHP.
- Loved the informal Q&A afterwards. Both business and technical aspects.
- Good preaching re: dev-master.
- This was really critical for my growth as a php dev. Thank you!


- Really can't think of much... I wish there was a cross-language version of Composer :-)
- Could have perhaps been more lively, showed pretty pictures, something shiny / snazzy like that.