Mocking Dependencies with PHPUnit


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Actually paid attention this time and learned a lot. Good talk. :)

If Cal says he paid attention, it must have been an excellent talk. This was a really good talk/coverage of how to do mocking in PHPUnit. I think that Matt needed a bit more caffiene beforehand however. There were a few stumbles, and going back-n-forth that made it 'not as smooth' as it could be.

HOWEVER that did not hurt the excellent content AT ALL.

Very good talk. I was too frazzled from my talk to get it all in, but look forward to going through the slides and getting the rest.

I will second Eli's suggestion for more caffeine. Matt is at his best as a speaker when he's slightly over-hyped-up. :)

The content was pretty awesome. It was obvious that Matt knows a ton about this subject and laid things out in a digestible format. The delivery was a bit rough, though. Could have been the sheer amount of information or just jitters. Didn't detract (too much) from how great the content was.

Was a very great overview for somebody who has been writing tests for several months looking for tips on how to do things better. Lots of content for an hour and moved fast--a good idea might be doing an intro "live code demo" talk on day 1 and a deeper conceptual talk like this on day 2 for people not familiar with testing.

Anonymous at 16:00 on 15 Mar 2014

Lots and lots and lots of info. It might have been split up into more than one talk.

I would have appreciated a little more question and answer time, because the knowledge and experience was evident in the presentation. I think people would have liked to pick your brain more.

Matt was self-deprecating in a way that wasn't necessary. He pointed out several of his own errors when they weren't needed. Confidence would serve the presentation material well.

Some of the slides were a little wordy, but I look forward to reading them again.

Very useful. I'm looking forward to referencing the slides.

I was the four star anonymous review. I was happy to be in the room and absorb all of the knowledge and experience.