PHP from the CLI


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Great talk Cal. Good stuff - saw a lot of people excited about this. Tip: slow down a bit. I suffer from the same thing in talks - I shout excitedly! :) *claps* good job overall sir ;)

Nice talk. The cleanest PHP CLI code I've seen. I'll have to explore the Symfony CLI stuff.

Good intro to subject. Thanks for providing code.

Nice quick overview. Would have liked more in-depth about terminal-specific things, chmod +x with #!.

I gave a talk on CLI PHP here last year, and I liked the different angle on it. Its interesting that it was very different. Here's my slides if you're interested at all.

Very nice, I am already doing very similar, but it gave me great ideas to improve my scripts.

Some pretty good advice about structuring code in general. That it applied to CLI applications was a bonus.

Nice overview, found a better way to do something I was apparently doing the hard way :) Thanks sir.

Very good talk, good overview of what's available, and good example in the end. I do think that it went a little long in the tooth on the 'history' and SAPI information. Versus just diving into the "HERE'S WHAT YOU CAN DO".

Personal note: Would have been nice if it had shown how to 'just do it', using raw PHP and getopt, etc. As an extra example. Perhaps "Here's the raw way" now "Here's how this framework makes it easier"

Great job.

Good talk. Pacing seemed a bit off, maybe a byproduct of the fast talking, but there were some solid nuggets of goodness.

And the jokes were okay.

I really enjoyed this talk, a lot of really great information. The flow definitely improved as the talk went on, felt like the flow was a bit off early on. Once the talk got rolling though, it was slammed full of good info. Thanks for the talk!

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We were a tough audience, silently though, I enjoyed your jokes. I was already using PHP CLI, and this was a firm confirmation of my practices; With the bonus of a few new pointers.