PHP, RabbitMQ, and You


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Excellent talk. Accessible, great slides, pre-recorded demos were great. Thanks!

Informative, entertaining talk. Appreciated live(recorded) examples.

Anonymous at 11:52 on 16 Mar 2014

Awsome demos, code, and coverage of the concept.

Good talk - nice examples in the presentation that helped make everything understandable

Cool talk, walked through plenty of examples. Pretty slides too. This is one piece of technology that I feel like I'm ready to start coding in immediately (pending hosting setup, of course).

Really good talk! Entertaining, comprehensive and very informative. Demos and code were very helpful.

Loved the presentation and "live" demos. Jason did a great job of presenting the benefits of RabbitMQ, and kept it very entertaining at the same time.

This was a good talk for the dense material within. A little less emphasis on the wrapper library that you made. The base of the technology should be the main focus to be applicable to more implementations. Also thought there was a little disconnect between GUI-tools vs code-way.