Beautiful PHP CLI Scripts


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A lot of time was spent with your back to the audience. The session ran 30 minutes. More details and tips on best practices would have been helpful.

I think this would make a better tutorial or hands-on session. You could give the audience a task and work through writing a beautiful script that takes in data and spits out data.

Really nervous (I understand the feeling), but some good info. Be careful of turning your back to the audience too much.

Spent too much time talking to the screen but did a great job (for a first time). Next time have working examples of running scripts. Very informative ... could have spent more time with code examples and utf8 boxes etc.

Great Job.

Liked the working examples. I'm not a escape code guru, so I wouldn't mind if you stepped through a status bar loop to show exactly what the cursor escape commands are doing.

Here is the stuff I referenced about signal handling (Unix only):

I did a lot of cursor control programing on VT220 terminals way back in the early 90's. I haven't even thought about doing this with my CLI scripts. This will take my scripts to the next level. Thank you for making some very old skills relevant again.