Caching and Tuning fun for high scalability


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Really fantastic talk. Broad number of technologies and ideas discussed in a very clear and easy to digest talk.

Good detailed overview of caching. I like the stuff about things like cache stampedes more than "use Varnish".

Absolutely terrific talk, Wim really doesn't disappoint. There was a very nice overlap between his talk yesterday on PHP Beyond Code and this session.

Really showed me what I was doing wrong. Left with great ideas.

A very well planned and thorough approach to the topic of caching. I'm happy to have learned more about edge side includes and little tips like using Memcached::getMany().

Thank you. Very good informative presentation.

I was really impressed with Wim's pragmatic approach to identifying and dealing with caching issues in applications. His advice is solid and he presented it in a very thorough and approachable way. This talk had excellent content for someone completely new to caching as well as some great tips and tricks for people familiar with the technologies but looking for some answers in terms of strategies.

From this talk I have several starting points to getting better caching strategy in my project. Thanks, Wim.

Anonymous at 06:56 on 4 Mar 2013

Excellent coverage of how to avoid the common pain points when starting out with caching & performance tuning your site / app.

I will be trying this out on all my production servers today! Just kidding :)... I'll definitely be testing it out for future projects.