Drupal Development Tips


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The talk was a little bit advanced for me, but very interesting, engaging and well presented.

Thanks for sharing this. I liked the unit testing bits best, because unit testing Drupal sounds intimidating, as if it could never happen, but we saw it in action. The part about the different development hosting options, there I did not see the added value of the vagrant stuff. Probably my limitation. If I would want it [Drupal] self-contained, I would just install a linux OS in Fusion (VMWare workstation on windows) and run drupal under apache... I suppose that preferences in that area are just personal and it's not easy to convince anyone they should use a particular solution, unless it's absolutely cross platform, but still, even then... I also had expected some code examples that would help developing better modules. Presentation style was really nice.

You're right, it's a personal preference. vagrant just makes it easier for me to build and rebuild boxes on demand instead of manage them through the Virtualbox (or in your case, VMWare). vagrant lets me have a working debian box in 5 minutes.

Otherwise they are functionally the same. vagrant is just a wrapper for Virtuabox (and actually VMWare and ec2 soon as well) to create VMs.