Embrace Your Inner Designer


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Great information, good humor to keep people interested.

+1 Great content, great pacing, lots of humor.
-1 Not enough LOLcats.

+1 Great content, great pacing, lots of humor.
-1 Not enough LOLcats.

Josh is my new favorite. This was awesome.

Fun, engaging presentation about a topic I care about a lot. The only thing that could have made it better was if Josh had presented in the morning - his strong delivery and charismatic presence is just the kind of thing to set the tone for a day. I hope he presents again next year!

I wish I could share Josh's presentations with our clients - I wasn't planning on attending this session but the responsive talk was so good I didn't want to miss it.

Excellent presentation! Spoke fast, but clear and kept the room alive with wit. Easy to remember specific talking points with humor... "google is like a hot dog".

Exceeded expectations. Entertaining and super informative!

Very engaging and interesting talk. The designs tips are awesome and useful. Thank you.

Anonymous at 15:23 on 4 Mar 2013

Very funny and useful! Loved your talk!!

Excellent talk. In fact, one of the best talks I've been to at any conference.

I was happy with all the talks I attended at Midwest PHP, but this one was my favorite. Some of my coworkers also attended, and we're already talking about how to incorporate the things we learned from Josh into our work.

Really good presentation! Learned some interesting things, and was really glad that I attended Josh's session. The pace, the energy, all were a nice addition. Thanks Josh.

Anonymous at 17:22 on 9 May 2013