JavaScript's Difficult Concepts Explained


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I'm no stranger to JS, but I picked up several handy tips in this talk, as well as a deeper understanding of scope vs context. A somewhat dense topic, but well presented. I also appreciated some of the references to how things differ between browser-hosted JS and Node.js.

Javascript = confusing

But overall it was well presented, especially with the confusing parts pointed out

Some cool concepts discussed, very dense but well thought out.

An extremely difficult subject to try to go over in 45 minutes. I think the content was a little bit rushed, but with that said, it was delivered in an EXCELLENT way, and the points were communicated really well. Overall a fantastic talk.

Did a good job of explaining the concepts of scope, context and the JS object model...but presented way too much info.

Lots of difficult and confusing information presented well.

Slightly too long.

Would sleep through again.

Covered quite a few difficult concepts. Was somewhat confusing to follow though with just the code. Needed some items to break up all the code and using a more realistic example besides foo would have likely helped make it a bit more engaging. Went long as well.

Little on the confusing side. Might more helpful if you gave a use case for using objects in JS.

I already started out with a good JavaScript background and so I eagerly waited for the middle of the presentation. However, When you got to the point of much confusion in JavaScript, the context and scope discussion, I feel that this topic could have warranted the entire 45 minutes.

The presetation felt a bit like the Crockford talks on YouTube, filtered down to just programming and then somewhat condensed down to 45 minutes. Due to the compression, I believe those confusing portions didn't become much more clear but they did at least give us search terms for the next time we need to Google for a solution to a problem. Maybe next year they will let you go for >= 1 hour next time?

Also, your examples seemed a bit small. It's difficult balancing complexity and size when you are constrained to what anyone can see on a single slide. If you manage to make the examples a little more complex so they mimic real-world scenarios, that would have been fantastic. Also, maybe (with that >= 1 hour) you could cover ES5's .bind() method.