MySQL Replication


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Speaker was REALLY fast and didn't get as deep into the under workings of replication as I would have preferred. Seemed more of an overview of MySQL 5.6.

Overall speaker did a good job, but I was hoping for more depth.


I was confused by this speaker. He told me what replication was, but I still feel like I have a lot of leg work to know how and when to use it. The handouts were a nice bonus. Hopefully I can learn more from them. Most of the room seemed like they were db ad mins though and could grasp the blitz of slides better.

It was felt very rushed and dry.

A large portion was just config files with very little actual explanation of WHY you would make certain decisions about your database. Moreover a lot of it was 5.6 specific which in practical terms is a way out for a lot of people. Really could have benefited from a basic "Here's what we're talking about, here's why you'd go this route, here's why you shouldn't, etc"

I wish the speaker would have gone farther into the topic. It's not a new concept to me, but it seemed to focus more on how 5.6 does it, vs what it is, and when to use it.

The speaker basically read out the specs for how to set up replication in 5.6. Interesting info, but I could have gotten the same thing from simply reading it myself. Not a great or engaging talk.