Phing All The Things!


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Lots of good real-world examples of using phing

Great intro to Phing, really good depth/coverage. I thought there were a few jokes that people should've laughed at way more — maybe they were anti-jokeites.

Anonymous at 23:41 on 2 Mar 2013

Good info on Phing. Could have used more of an intro on "what it is" other than "Ant for PHP" for those of us not familiar with Ant.

The slides had humorous images but the presenters tone at least for me didn't encourage laughing at them.

Inspiring to be more lazy than I am. Lots of great examples.

I walked into the room knowing about make and ant but no phing knowledge. The presenter did dive right into configuration files and showed real world examples of how he has configured things, which is amazingly helpful. The only down side I have is when he was asked why he picked phing for his project though I can't blame him. I've use the exact same reason in the past: It looked cool and similar to what I already know.

That said, there's not much more I could ask from a 45 minute session on the topic. Well done.

I'm not really buying the whole Phing thing (I have this medical condition that makes me uncomfortable in the presence of large concentrations of XML).


Omni show us how to automate a deployment: version tagging, code upload, tests validation, the whole shebang. And that part was (from my very biased point of view!) a masterpiece.

Good intro to phing - something I knew nothing about. I liked that there were a lot of examples and some discussion of other software to do the same (might have liked to see why phing vs other software)

I've used phing in the past and got some great new ideas for how I can use it in the future.

Omni covered everything from the basics of what phing is up to how to do a full deployment using phing. He gave some solid advice on tools that should be a part of everyone's build process as well as tips on how to get the most out of phing.