Rocking Responsive Web Development


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Ah, you said you don't want comments here, I'll give it anyway. Great talk about tough subject.

I enjoyed this talk very much. I am going to make a concerted effort to steal all the slides from the beginning of this presentation to try to convince my bosses we need to work on this ASAP for our site. Also, you may have convinced me to go to your design talk tomorrow.

I agree with Bart, I know you wanted comments on Twitter, but really you had an excellent discussion. I agreed with so many of your practices, it was great to have more justification and research to back my reasoning for these choices to my company though.

Anonymous at 09:42 on 3 Mar 2013

Awesome talk. It gave me more topics to do research on for responsive development.

Great talk, great subject! I'm so excited to give this a try with our application.

Fast paced, focused, super engaging, and inspiring! Can't wait to give these things a try!

Next time make it faster and more intense. :-P

Great presenter giving an awesome talk on an important topic.

Thank you . It was very interesting. Great presentation!

Good talk with some solid tips for where to start and how to avoid some pitfalls (and very entertaining)

Excellent talk! Came away with some great sticking points on how to promote better design and the shift to different platforms.

An informative and entertaining talk. Came out with a ton of things that I can start to implement in my code today. Great stuff.