Code Review for Security – Workshop


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Anthony has a clear and easy to follow teaching style, and covered the major points of code reviewing for security well. I enjoyed the participatory nature.

The only suggestion I would add is to run a longer workshop, in order to give people in the room more time to get in to the sample code used. That said, 3 hours was plenty to give people enough of a toe-dip to know where to start in their own projects.

This was a fantastic workshop, and a great way to start the conference. The topic of Code Review for Security suited the workshop format nicely, with all attendees able to go looking through the code themselves to find vulnerabilities and discuss what they found. There was lots to learn, and Anthony was great at encouraging suggestions - rather than just looking for right answers.

Also, it was a nice touch that Anthony brought along some USB keys for those without internet access to be able to access the example code.

Really good workshop. It covered a broad range so security topics which Anthony was able to explain clearly and precisely.

Great workshop. Was worried it would only skim the surface, but we really got deep into some edge cases which made it a valuable learning experience.

Anonymous at 21:28 on 21 Oct 2015

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This was an incredible workshop, and an extraordinary approach to begin the gathering. The subject of Code Survey for Security suited the workshop arrange pleasantly, with all participants ready to go looking through the code themselves to discover vulnerabilities and talk about what they found. There was parts to learn, and Anthony was extraordinary at empowering proposals - as opposed to simply searching for right Generic Levitra .