Going Viral for Fun, not Profit


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Anonymous at 10:34 on 3 Sep 2015

Great talk, with a very interesting topic to discuss. Pacing wise, it felt a bit rushed, but the demos were impressive and easily understandable - which made up for the pace.

I shall honour my pledge, and use my new knowledge for good.

A really fun talk that was engaging and saw into the mind of people out to hurt us.

One thing that I wish the was slightly more of was techniques for evading detection. Ben mentioned splitting eval into a string, but I'd love to see a bit more of it.

Anonymous at 12:43 on 5 Sep 2015

Main highlights for me:
- Content and pace. Although it felt quick in parts, it was very easy to follow along
- Live demo / recorded terminal and coding demo's were awesome! Helped with the pace ^^
- The pledge. Seriously, yus! More of this!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this talk (and the FiveEyes one the day before)!