Object Invariants, Immutability & You: Making Objects Do Your Bidding


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Great talk with an interesting and clear use case to make the subject that much easier to understand. Definitely going to start applying this into my own code.

Plenty of humor too, so that always helps! Needs more cats though.

Anonymous at 10:06 on 16 Apr 2015

I was suffering from lack of sleep, and I was planning on nodding off once the lecture would've started.
But the talk was so interesting, and also quite humorous, that I sat on the tip of my chair for the entire session.

I really liked your presentation and feel like I've gained some valuable insights! I think I would love to do a workshop some time to go deeper into the subject. My main takeaway was that "design by contract" can basically be applied on any level in code. Thanks!

Aside: at times I found the jokes in your presentation so funny that I missed some bits out of laughing...

Interesting subject! Your presentation was a well structured with nice sheets. You spoke clearly and had good interaction with the audience. Great talk. Thanks!

Good talk and good use cases.
I also liked the quotes during the presentation ;-)