GraphQL represents a massive leap forward for API development." says GitHub. What can we do with it in PHP? It turns out to be not that hard. In this talk I will present how you can make this happen using PHP with Symfony backed by the current available libraries, while also taking some time to introduce you to the concept behind it and what could be the advantages for your project.


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Bart McLeod at 11:16 on 18 May 2017

Interesting talk, I really want to dig in deeper now. Good examples. Well presented overall, but you might want to slow down a little. Adding examples about security layers would be of interest I think.

Hey Renato, good talk!

Dealing with API’s is becoming a more and more frequent tasks. So it was inspiring to learn about GraphQL and the problems it solves. Your slides where nicely animated and aside from the 1 typo and the GraphiQL moving being “too big for the screen” I appreciate the care and quality of your slides.

Some tips, we’ve already been over these personally yesterday:
- Consider moving the n+1 (http overfetching) chapter of your talk to the beginning. It gives you and the audience way more room to explain what GraphQL is and how the syntax looks. Pagination was a bit to hard for me personally to just drop into. Showing the basics first gives a better approach.
- When explaining stuff, talk more slowly and allow the audience to “process” your point before moving on to the next one. A short break of 2 seconds or scanning for a nod in the audience might help to get this timing?
- A hard part during the pagination chapter was the introduction of the “edges”. This turns out to be a configurable keyword. Be sure to explain that before moving on.
- I prefer a plain HTTP request so I can see the difference between the, all-to-familiar REST.

All points are from my personal view and do not guarantee the opinion of others. Maybe the tips can help you. Good luck and thanks again.