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Nice talk on an interesting topic (and approach), which surely's got some potential. Data exchange with Arduino's been cool to watch too. Unfortunately the late time of the day and a rather constant pace of the speech, without any prominent peak, made it quite hard for attention to be kept at all times. Hence my "low" rating.

Please do not take mine as a criticism, though. I'm just saying that IMHO presentation can be tuned up a bit, so to turn into a great one. Basically, I think it might all be about some change of pace here and there, especially if the speech's set to go late on the day.

Thank you for the nice info, though, and keep up w/ your nice work!

The subject was really interesting, but I must agree with Stefano that on the presentation side the talk can be tuned up a bit.
Still, I did like the talk and the speaker managed to make it understandable for people like me that did not know pubsub nor nodejs.
So, good talk in the end!

Really interesting talk.
The guy is a geek not an "evangelist" or a PR, and you can see it. I think also the subject is not really easy but it was one of the most interesting, IMHO.

Thanks for the feedback, as Stefano Paluello say im a geek but i'd love to get better at presenting so i really appreciate the feedback!

I agree that prominent peaks and building up to them could help in getting the audience engaged. I think adding more structure to the talk and being more upbeat would be good.

I have now got the parts to build the Arduino robot, so next time i will build up to that :).