At we have a zoo of microservices, interaction between them is obviously carried out through REST APIs. Our www microservice, aka frontend, is an isomorphic/universal JavaScript application bounded between users and the zoo, lots of 1:n HTTP requests there. Taming this type of Node.js application in production to survive traffic spikes and other wild behaviors brought us to deeply understand Node.js non-blocking model: it's too easy to react to problems with CDN and infamous memory/thread allocations. Node.js non-blocking model comes with simplicity in mind. In many cases this simplicity allows you to build apps quickly. But when you reach the edge, simplicity means responsibility. Let's dive in!


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Federico at 15:09 on 16 Nov 2018

Not really understood what I could learn from the cases i've heard except the HEAD one


I think this talk was the best!! 6 stars to it!!
He tried to explain a complex and not so well known aspect of node.
Surely the slides could be customized but the content of this talk and the results show was amazing!

I'm sorry but I can not give this talk a passing grade because of the not-so-good presentation: it was hard for me to follow the speech given the sub-par english and the topic was too much focused on a very specific use-case.

Marco Da Re at 00:23 on 17 Nov 2018

The topic very interesting, but very difficult to follow the slides and speech flow.
I suggest reviewing the talk.

Very interesting talk, but I suggest to the speaker to review his presentation for give it a more simple and continuous flow. Jump from a presentation to another results difficult sometimes.

Filippo Nardi at 12:35 on 19 Nov 2018

I didn't understang anything

It was interesting, but I've found some difficulties to understand everything

Interesting talk, but poor english; sometimes it was hard to follow

Alberto Roli at 17:17 on 19 Nov 2018

Very very interesting

Interesting talk, but exposure and English should be improved

Sam Reghenzi at 08:39 on 24 Nov 2018

Competent tech guy but need to refine skills as a speaker. Good talk