You've properly heard the hype surrounding GraphQL. But what kind of problems can it solve? This is the story of why we chose GraphQL to power the Vogue and GQ websites and the problems it help solve. You'll learn about some of the ways in which GraphQL can help improve your application and understand why you might implement it.


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GraphQL encourage good practise and resiliency.
Very well crafted insights!
Awesome delux stickers!

Nice use case and insights

Federico at 12:10 on 16 Nov 2018

Good real case scenario on graphql and it's pluses

Surely an interesting topic but I think the presentation was lacking some hands-on examples. And what about NodeJS?

A good view of what GraphQL solve. I should be perfect with one more slide with tools where to start to go deeper.

Simone Savino at 22:07 on 16 Nov 2018

Very interesting and useful topic

Marco Da Re at 23:19 on 16 Nov 2018

very interesting topic, now I would examine it deeper.
the talk would be perfect with a references slide for improve the GraphQL knowledge

Very interesting talk maybe more code on how use it or more example apply to node could be useful but is a nice starting point to go deeper in the argument

Good talk about the abstraction using GraphQL

Alex Smersi at 12:30 on 19 Nov 2018

useful topic

Simply a great real case, it helped to understand which kind of problems GraphQL can resolve

Great speaker and interesting overview and showcase of Gql potentiality

Filippo Nardi at 12:34 on 19 Nov 2018

Nice use case

Nice talk

Very nice talk

Alberto Roli at 17:16 on 19 Nov 2018

Ok but a bit basic

Nice talk. It could be better with real world examples.

Real worlds insights about why and how to use GraphQL, very interesting!

Sam Reghenzi at 08:37 on 24 Nov 2018

completely off topic