You have just created a new small and disruptive startup or you are an enterprise building a new product. To speed up the initial development you have built a monolith but few months after your product has become widely adopted. Now you have a problem. Your server is not ready to handle all that load and you need to solve the scalability issue quickly. Too bad that you have developed your app as a single monolith since the beginning, now split it to microservices would be very hard because of cross-dependencies and mixed logic. Enter Fastify, a new web framework for Node.js. Fastify is focused on providing the best developer experience with the least overhead through a powerful plugin architecture. In this talk, we will build a new disruptive startup with Fastify, starting with a monolith and later migrate to a microservices architecture, by building a future-proof codebase.


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Fastify insight of how to think better to break down the monolith

Everybody loves to tear down monoliths!

Simone Savino at 22:11 on 16 Nov 2018

Very interesting idea

Marco Da Re at 00:25 on 17 Nov 2018

Fantastic, thanks

Nice framework and nice talk maybe a little bit fast.

Filippo Nardi at 12:36 on 19 Nov 2018

Interesting, awesome presentation... what else??

Great session

Nice talk, but it's something I already knew, having followed a course with Matteo :-)

Great talk.
I can't wait to try it in production.
Very clear talk.

Alberto Roli at 17:18 on 19 Nov 2018

Nice, Fastify

Clear talk, topic focused and g8 neovim!!

Very interesting

Great explanation of the framework, the demo part of the talk was "fastified" too!