Workers, and threading support in general, have been one of the most frequently requested features for Node.js over the last years. Finally, the finishing line is in sight and we’re pretty excited to have experimental support available! This talk will tell you everything around the API, features, use cases & alternatives, our roadmap, and the technical and social challenges that we had to overcome to make it happen!


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This is really a great feature! I sure will try this one :)

Very high level talk, maybe having more details behind the curtain about the design will push to the community a great challenge.

Very interesting but also very specific talk; still, worth hearing.

Federico at 14:55 on 16 Nov 2018

Speaker prepared but I hoped in some suggestions on why we should adopt that except better performance. I understand it's experimental and the chicken/egg POV but I need to be engaged ?

To be an experimental module, the code shown was understandable and let get the benefits of this feature.
Very funny the problem of npm package name!

Very nice talk and I've particularly appreciated the detailed overview about how Node.js handles threads!

Simone Savino at 22:08 on 16 Nov 2018

Interesting but difficult to hearing

Marco Da Re at 00:01 on 17 Nov 2018

the topic very interesting, not simple. Exposing phase start with a little difficult but it improved, slide great. thanks.

Very specific talk. Difficult for me follow all the details but nice argument maybe some revisions of the slides and a more detailed agenda can be more simple follow the speaker

Very interesting, though very specific. Sometimes was hard to hear

Filippo Nardi at 12:34 on 19 Nov 2018

It could be better but it was interesting

Interesting talk about a new feature

Curious to find out the new feature

Alberto Roli at 17:17 on 19 Nov 2018

Very interesting

Good talk and amazing new features!
The speaker was little bit nervous