How Node.js meets Windows Azure in the real world: the Save The Mom use case


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Metto solo 3 "thumbs-up", perché la parte di Vito Lo Russo è stata troppo "markettona", e in questo senso fuori contesto rispetto agli obiettivi del talk (e lo spirito della conferenza).
Tantopiù che il precedente talk di Glenn Block aveva mostrato che Microsoft un po' ha perso questo "difetto di comunicazione" quando si presenta agli eventi pubblici.

Anonymous at 09:33 on 12 Nov 2012

Poor speech: the microsoft guy was there for .. ? the other speaker pretty unprofessional, although the Cern people line was funny.

Interesting seeing the azure with node.js being used in the wild, especially the potential lock-ins like the service bus messaging, but again, the MS parts were too much trying to sell me something.

Not interesting, sorry.

honestly, I got lost/bored during the azure sales pitch.

I understand it was one of the sponsors but Glenn already wonderfully covered what needed to be said, marketing talks should have been kept out of the conf room.

Many issues with this talk:
- No clue exactly of what the topic was: a mix of bad english + an overload of text and bullet points killed my attention
- ... that was later woken by the disgraceful slide that highlighted "backends" with a picture of Girl's bottoms (just the kind of thing Italy needs to get out of the sexist "bunga bunga" stereotype)
- The Microsoft guy, while spoke a far better english, pushed the marketing too much, for no real gain: the previous talk from the other Microsoft guy, Glenn, covered all there was to highlight the awesome work Microsoft is doing

It could be an interesting use-case but it was a talk with a bad english and without a clear purpose. It seemed as one of the thousands of sponsor-driven (and boring) talks

was it me or the second part looked like a 20 minutes long commercial? The first part was not bad at all.

Anonymous at 22:19 on 12 Nov 2012

The part of the MS guy could have been skipped, especially since Glenn did a much better job at showing what Azure is without being a marketing preso, and the other part... the stereotype of the Italian guy (in the bad sense).