OpenROV: Node.js Underwater


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No robot, no dive in, just a cam on a Beagle card. Not terriby interesting, sorry.

Anonymous at 09:34 on 12 Nov 2012

Interesting stuff, even the demo-in-speech murphy's got the speaker nervous :-)

Great seeing an underwater version of nodecopter. It would have been great if the robot would have been there, but such is live. I thoroughly enjoyed the talk.

To explain such a complex system in half an hour was impossible but the speaker did a good job overviewing all the components and hinting at the connections and inner working.

And well... there were servos moving with arduino FTW :)

It seemed more concentrated on the robot than on node

Cut ten minutes of explanation and replace them with beautiful undersee recorded movies instead of 10 seconds you showed, and the rating will boost. Also presentation must be more energetic and determined

The presentation was not engaging, and at some point "boring".
If you need to present some code, show it in the slides.