Unlock your Inner Node.js in the Cloud with Windows Azure


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Anonymous at 20:41 on 11 Nov 2012

Engaging speaker, number one!

Anonymous at 09:31 on 12 Nov 2012

Great delivery, but never a massive fan of "This is how you use our paid-for-product" talks. Glenn did a great job though.

As could be expected, just Microsoft propaganda.

Anonymous at 09:51 on 12 Nov 2012

More internals on how node.js run on Azure, some tips and some real-world examples would be appreciated.
The part on servicebus was totally out-off-topic.

A very good presentation, although it was about a paid-for product, it was delivered the right way: showing what you could do (and how) with azure and their node-azure-sdk.

Although very useful, In bigger conferences this talk maybe would have been in a separate track as a sponsored talk.

I appreciated that Glen gave it to us straight: this is a product and this is how you can use it.
I value a talk that shows me how a "paid-for" technology can answer for me questions like "ok, I have this amazing app - where/how would I host it".

Plus he was never boring or "slow": the pace was great and the speaker entertaining. Even in the "cheese" "Buon Giorno!!!" over use - that's skill.

Plus, and that's important, he highlighted multiple time the free-tier you can get for this product, and that's of great value too - great way to get started before getting serious.

I think it was too low-level for the conf ;)
Anyway: well done

I made a mistake with my previous comment... this talks was pretty amazing...

Great talk! I liked "hands on" part! ;)

I'm not a Windows fan, at all! And now, I can finally say that windows has done something right.

I could never think that "The windows guy with a mac" could change my mind.. but he did! And in a fantastic way.

I think you cannot do better than this in Presenting a commercial product Examples and command instead of prices. Buongiorno :O)