GraphQL is a query language that combines type validation with a query and filtering syntax that makes it easy to get up-and-running with a powerful web API in almost no time. Add to that a vibrant community that keeps creating excellent tooling and documentation, it's clear why GraphQL has become so popular with developers. Every abstraction has a cost, and GraphQL is no exception. The added complexity and a new schema format to parse and execute mean new performance bottlenecks. In addition to performance issues, the wrong use of GraphQL can lead to architectural bottlenecks. Instead of viewing this as a problem, we took this as a challenge, and in this talk, we will unveil how we made it run a lot faster on Node.js using different performance techniques that we have learned in the last few years.


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Daniel Norman at 16:12 on 2 Oct 2020

Really thorough and fun talk diving into all the important details of starting with GraphQL while considering performance! Thanks again Matteo