Demystifying the REST API


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Really great explanation for what is and isn't actually REST. Really great examples of how APIs should act.

Very easy to listen to and lots of really great information. The drinking was kind of distracting, but after a long day talking, I can certainly understand. :)

Thanks for the great talk!

Great talk. Nice overview of what REST is.

Samantha is clearly very knowledgeable on REST / HTTP, and did a great job of articulating a complicated / dense subject matter without getting bogged down. Thanks!

Great job! I thought I knew everything technical there was to know about REST, but alas, I learned a few new things.

No critiques. Thanks!

One of the best overviews of REST I've heard. A fantastic talk with some useful examples and tips for developing a REST API.

Good one.

One suggestion is may be in the HAL example, it will be nice to split the example one to left and the one to right, so people can look the comparison from there itself than trying to recall the last slide shown.

If you have the slides, it will be nice for people to go through it than taking the notes as Cal mentioned about the usage of Silex.

By the way one library that create embed ones is

Thank you