Laravel Forge: Hello World to Hello Production


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Hey Joe, great job...I use Forge and love it and you reminded me of several features I had forgotten about I am now going to go and play with.

Hey Joe, just a note to update the talk - Forge Basic offers unlimited servers as well. Taylor had changed it to 5 server max, but not that long after rolled it back to unlimited.

Enjoyed the talk, and for me it came about 2 weeks too late, as I went through everything you spoke of (Forge related) as I was setting things up for my own app. It was reassuring to see that all the things that I did was the same that you walked through.

One item I think your talk was missing was making 'that million dollar idea' ready for production deployment. Things setting the ENV, and disabling debug, and even submitting the composer.json file to version control, and using `composer install` instead of `composer update` (which was something that killed me in my first attempts at deploying new code).

Overall, a great introduction to Homestead & Forge!

Thanks Joe,

Great look into the whys and hows of vagrant/homestead and forge. Personally use homestead and forge myself but great to get a refresher on what all it has available.

Good one. I think it would be awesome if it was a live demo. Especially when things like vagrant etc comes to play, people would love to see what is happening.