Using APIgility to Build APIs Everyone Can Enjoy


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awesome talk.. I'm very familiar with APIgility already but it was really interesting seeing Azure in action as its something I havent used before, will definitely be having a proper look at whats available

Hari K T at 00:37 on 20 Dec 2015

Thank you for the talk. Some of my personal opinion.

First : The title should not be misleading people.

It was topic on APIgility, and you talked less on the subject. The talk mostly concentrated on Microsoft Azure than Apigility.
You could have of-course talked about Azure on another event on NomadPHP or even sponsor an event for free via Microsoft? .

Apigility itself is a big topic, and I believe there are lots of functionalities that could have been explored. Eg : Login with oauth, jwt etc.

My personal opinion is not to mix too many topics on a single topic.

Thank you

Hari KT

Hi, and thank you for the talk.

It was perfectly clear and well detailed, that's a great job on this point.

As Hari already pointed it out, I was a bit disappointed because the title promised something else for me. I expected an Apigility masterclass and got a great introduction to RESTful APIs, Apigility and Azure.

It was worth hearing and interesting, and once again you did a great job here. But in my opinion, the title doesn't describe well the content of your talk.

Thank you, and I'm very eager to hear another talk from you.