Docker for PHP Developers


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Joe Ferguson at 20:59 on 21 Apr 2016

Great explanation and did a great job clearing up a lot of confusing things for me. Especially good explanation of the tooling around Docker.

A very good talk. I'll have to re-watch it and start tinkering with docker to grasp everything. Although I liked the fact that it was packed with information it got just a little bit tedious for a few moments, but nothing major.

Learned a few new things like Rancher and that Docker only runs one process at a time.

Great introduction to docker by showing dockers pros and cons. After this talk I have quite a good idea of what docker can do for me.

Lucas CORBEAUX at 10:54 on 1 Jun 2016

Just an awesome talk! A lot of useful details in a short time, well detailed and explained.