Practical Message Queueing Using RabbitMQ


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Great job on the talk. The slides were well done and was a really great explanation and example of RabbitMQ

Good job James. I learned a lot. Can I get the slides for my future reference?

great talk. I've been using AWS SNS and I can see where this has many advantages.

+ awesome talk
+ nice voice tone
+ good flow with the slides
+ code example was nice coupled with voice explanation
+ nice graphical display where it made sense

I can't find any more improvement, perhaps for a new challenge consider:
>> a live demo
>> a more complex real life scenario as example

Keep rocking!

We use Gearman at work, but this talk made me install RabbitMQ for one of my personal projects, and I already like it better.

Thanks James!

Great talk, starting from basic concepts and then introducing the more advanced ones. Slides backed up the content really well and made things easy to understand.

Would have liked some more 'real life' examples on when / how you would use different exchanges.