Encryption, It’s For More Than Just Passwords


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Good talk.

One thing I would have liked to have seen differently is to have used the Composer installed version of PHPSecLib instead of the one from SourceForge.

Other than that, good information.

It was a bit monotone, but fairly clean as far as uhms and ahhs. There were a few big pauses when I thought maybe the feed dropped or your mic stopped.

Great overview of best crypto practices for modern PHP. I'd love to see pointers to resources for people who want to learn more about cryptography (like the Coursera classes!).

Good general overview for best practices in php cryptography. Felt spent a little too much time on password hashing, whilst I appreciate this is an important topic it felt that the talk was more on password encryption and not other data encryption.

Presentation wise, voice was kinda monotone which made it slightly awkward to follow along with, not sure if from a slight bit of stage freight or maybe just not being 100% comfortable speaking.

Really great examples and explanations without making the viewer/listener feel like they were getting in over their head.

Great job John, will be going back over your slides and pulling more best practices!

Watched the recording after the fact, but definitely learned something new.
A lot was old hat, but I've been keeping up with the latest fairly well at conferences and Twitter, so I wasn't the target audience for this talk. But even I learned something new. (I knew salting wasn't enough, but I didn't really understand why.)