Composer: Stability and Semantic Versioning Demystified


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Very informative presentation made very easy to understand.

Also he explained a few things I had trouble with in the past, for which I am grateful.

A few more app related examples could have been good to see.

In the end, very good job !

Really great talked. Covered some great points about how using dev-master can be evil, and how easy it can be to resolve.

Very informative talk. Provided my with information I wanted to know, but never had the time to research on my own.

Hey Beau,

Nice talk, you did it great.

I have one suggestion, don't say "this" may be expand that. So even if a user hearing in background just the voice they can easily grasp the things. The problem I noticed was the slides move a bit slow, may be the screen is not captured first but voice is heard. So hearing this and looking at old slide is a bit hard.

Thank you once again for the awesome talk. You did it great! .

Very informative, and very explanatory examples.

Just caught up on this via the video download, I understand Composer versioning much better now, the key being able to understand semver.