Fear Not the Machine of State!


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Yitz delivered this talk very well, I have done a little work previously around state machines and this was incredibly helpful in solidifying my knowledge! thanks!

Phenomenal talk. Showed multiple implementations of the FSM pattern...and yes, that meant actual code...to assist in the illustration, which added a fair amount of value on top of the solid background presented.

very fine talk! He made his thoughts very clear and had a good example and interesting links to projects on github.
I'd like to hear more from him!

Excellent talk and superbly delivered, Giving a fantastic overview of state machines and their variations but leaving plenty of room for the watcher to go and learn more. Turnstiles will never be the same again!

Really good talk. While I don't have plans to implement a state machine soon, I am, as promised, less afraid that I was.

Good bits:

* speech was very clear and intelligible.

* slide images were very nice (people were commenting in irc)

* clear presentation, clearly very knowledgeable about the topic


* the font on the slides - it's fine for 1-2 words, but at least one slide had three sentences and was almost unreadable

* For *me* I need to see examples before I really understand what we're talking about. I would always rather begin with "imagine you have a turnstile" than (or then - they both work!) "here's what a state machine is" - other people's mileage will undoubtedly vary.

That's it - 2 do-betters = great job.

Great talk. Really simple examples that were easy to follow and understand.

Great talk. Very simple and easy to understand.

Carl Vuorinen at 12:42 on 27 Jul 2015

Very good and interesting talk about an important topic. Very clearly presented and just enough theory and code examples so it was easy to follow and the point came across.

I was already somewhat familiar with the state pattern, so would have liked a little bit more about the different implementations and what they are useful for. E.g. I've seen the implementation that was briefly shown at the end used with document entities that must follow certain flow, so there is not much behaviour associated with the state transitions and it's more about enforcing the work flow.

I know it's hard to include something for everyone in a single talk, and I did enjoy this talk a lot as is and I did learn new things. Just something to consider if you present this again.