12 Reasons Your API Sucks


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Super, super presentation! Perhaps a drop fast, but lots of content to cover in a short period of time, so understandable.

Lots of good information, since I'm building an API right now I liked going through the talk as a checklist of things to remember to do.

A helpful set of guidelines/pointers on how not to implement an API, or what to look out for.

Talk was very informative. Broke down a complex topic into manageable pieces that was easy to follow. Thanks for the great talk!

Great information, both for API consumers (to use when deciding what API to use) and API producers (when designing their APIs).

As a Mashery employee, I obviously liked the shout-out to IODocs.

Could have been a bit longer given the lack of a hard stop like you would have at a normal conference. Maybe a bonus 13th point that you could add in the future if you run short? Hypermedia-driven versus endpoint based, for example.

Great talk.

One suggestion is on the end of the talk, you can keep the link to joind.in , probably Cal should make sure the speakers have this information on the last slide for Thank you.

As a side note : There is only one medium to get in touch twitter. May be when you say email me, you should tell your email address :-) .

Good content and a very well-organized talk. Definitely one of my favorite Nomad talks yet. Really really appreciated the many well-chosen real-world examples-- seeing things in practice is the missing link in most API talks.

Was a good talk. This was a little higher level than what I was thinking the talk would be about. Good things to keep in mind if you are going to be doing large scale APIs. I've used Twillios library and API, the only trouble I had was downloading the wrong version from Github. That threw me off for about a half hour, after I got that sorted out things were definitely working in 5 minutes.