Getting Started with Aura


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a very nice intro to Aura. I've been advocating for Aura for awhile, but don't have any personal experience with it, so this was a great intro for me to get started.

Great introduction and enjoyed seeing real world code examples. The explanation of Aura DI really helped

Hi Chris,

Thank you for the presentation on Aura. It is nice to see someone speaking about aura at Nomad.

Some things I feel which may improve are adding example for constructor/setter injection, so people who don't know what dependency injection or di container can get some more information.

One more suggestion : You could make use of


than relying on the new $class() (slide 19).

That way you can also get rid of passing the $di, and constructor params itself. You can also get rid of calling the 'service.deployment' (slide 34).

Thank you