Understanding PHP Streams


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Enjoyed the detailed information on streams. Thanks for the repo of code to play with!

A very detailed talk that clearly demonstrates Elizabeth's deep understanding, experience, and expertise.

The github repo of examples - https://github.com/auroraeosrose/streams-exercises - is a very useful resource.

Quality talk!
+ Nice slides
+ Good voice tone
+ Good content
+ Good examples

Would love to see more of your talks!

Anonymous at 22:40 on 20 Mar 2014

Very interesting theme. Thanks!

Great talk! Very useful tips.

Hey Elizabeth,

Thank you for the wonderful presentation.

I would like to give you 5, but there is somethings that I would like you to get improve.

Eg : May be event videos will be streamed even after live session. So when you mentioned your github repo or the username where it can be found it will be hard for people to understand where it really is. (Especially for a person whose first language is not English)

Thank you