Testing Spaghetti


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Slightly short (happens to all of us) and lots of "Ums", but the content and delivery were solid.

Made me very hungry.

Great talk! I learned quite a bit and can't think of anything you should change.

Great talk, lots of code examples and good information!

Great talk, helped to dispel some of my fears about PHP testing (which I'm planing on getting into soon).

Anonymous at 20:47 on 23 Oct 2014

I was hoping for a bit more technical discussion, but the talk is a good argument for why testing (and refactoring to make testing possible) is good. The talk is less a how-to and more a call to action, which is nice for converting folks but for those who already know they SHOULD test but don't know how, it's a little frustrating.

PHPUnit is good for people who know HOW to test, but without that prior knowledge it a dense collection of confusing terminology. So, maybe if you had some additional resources at the end for where we can learn about testing, or recognizing patterns in code that could be refactored to make that bit of code more testable.

Overall, this is a good start to having the testing conversation.

Short, but straight to the point. Presentation had lots of good examples of how to take spaghetti code, refactor it, and test it. As someone who learns best by seeing examples like this, I greatly appreciated it.

A few notes for improvements: on a few occasions, you had to go back slides to look up a method name that was being refactored. Not really an issue, but it would keep things flowing naturally if you had slide notes or something to keep from having to jump back and forth.

Thanks for the presentation!

Anonymous at 23:02 on 25 Oct 2014

Nice one. I'd love to see more talks on refactoring topics on NomadPHP.
Loved the examples.