Modern PHP


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What a great review of all the great things we should be keeping up with. Well balanced for every PHP developer--those of us that started in the 90's and anyone just getting started today. Great job!

Great talk. Covers a lot of information.

Great talk showing just how far PHP has come since it's humble beginnings with an overview of today's best practices. Even if you're an old PHP seadog, the trip down memory lane puts over a decade of PHP evolution in perspective.

Great talk about how far PHP has come and great insight into the future of PHP. Really enjoyed all the elephpant slides as well. Really great info about where to go get more about testing.

Thanks for this talk. Very well prepared and informative. I need to share this with my user group somehow.

Anonymous at 00:28 on 21 Feb 2014

Great talk, very informative.

Great talk!

Seeing the framework list, just wished if you would have added auraphp into the list.

Great talk looking at where PHP has been and briefly where it is going.
A good insight into practices which should be considered when developing applications using PHP.

Good talk! I appreciated the historical perspective on PHP and seeing how programming practices in PHP have been improving and evolving through the past 1.5 decades that Ben has been involved in it. The talk was not in-depth, but Ben did a great job of acting as an index by providing links to further information for the modern topics he introduced.