A Stitch In Time Saves 9; or, Solving the N+1 Problem


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Really enjoyed the talk, the examples were very clear and easy to follow. So much great information!

Great talk! I've been wondering how to best deal with querying relationships for a long time and I glad to now have the most performant solution.

Always a great talk. The addition of the Aura Marshal example was very nice, if only a tease.

I appreciated the foundation laid in benchmarking before diving into the specific topic of db query optimization. Encouraging people to collect data and think analytically is an important message. In addition, I found the topics presented in a very logical progression, leading the audience to a conclusion without asking them to take your word for it.

A great talk. I'd love to see more on Aura Marshal - but enough to see it as something to go look into. I also appreciate the nod towards ORM, but the cautions as well. Great talk for any level of developer working with databases--object oriented not required.

Great talk, although I found it a little slow to start with.

The examples were nice and clear, which helped compliment the explanation. They also helped me relate it to code which I've written and would be worthwhile revisiting at some stage in order to make improvements based on the contents of this talk.

This was a great talk. I don't think I'm having a problem like this in my app right now, but it's a great pattern that I hadn't seen before. I really liked seeing the Aura.Marshal library as Aura is something I've been interested in looking into.

Awesome talk Paul, and it is good to see there was no questions to the end, for you made it everything clear with the examples.

Thank you.