Apigility: Agile APIs


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Nice explanation of API and the difficulties in creating. Then how Apigility can help solve those difficulties.

Fantastic presentation. Enjoyed how the presenter walked through exactly how apigility project can be set up, why you should version your api, and also the 10 things to consider when creating an api. After this presentation it made me eager to look into how we can make use of apigility on top of ZF2 instead of just having a controller connect to our data layer and return it in json. This would allow us to return the data quickly in which ever format the client might want.

Again fantastic presentation. Plenty of information in the short amount of time.

Great talk as usual. Lot of information about designing a rest api and how apigility can help you.

I loved the deep dive on all the things we SHOULD be doing on our REST APIs, but rarely put in the time. I know you could have shown the tool itself more, or the PHP code it generates--but we can do that do by just trying it. I'm inspired, and with that last plug towards Angular, I know what I'm going to try pairing with it! THANKS MWOP!

Good talk, covered lots of stuff in a very concise and understandable way, looking forward to try Apigility...thanks Matt and thank you Cal

Great content both generally about APIs and also introducing Apigility as a tool to simplify the process of creating them.
Most of the questions I've been asking myself a lot in the past months and lots of new questions I have to explore after this talk.

Great talk, with many great explanations of often missed items leading up to Apigility being the solution. Well thought out, and surprisingly complete for a normal talk slot time. Didn't seem to flow or transition smoothly from point to point, which will come with repetition of the talk.

Nice talk @Matthew. Really a detailed explanation of the problems and how it can be solved via apigility.

I want to look into it to see how I can integrate it into my current app. Have some questions on it will discuss in mailing list.

Thank you.

Matthew Weier O'Phinney delivers as usual

Anonymous at 21:54 on 23 Feb 2014

Great explanation of what surrounds an API and how hard and pleasurable it is to build a good one.

Great explanation of what surrounds an API and how hard and pleasurable it is to build a good one.

Apigility is awesome. Looking forward to more stuff about it.