The Life of an If Statement


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I will watch it again, and come back with more feedback.

While the different slides explain all the steps very well, the last slide helped to understand the big picture, but again, watching it more will definitely help.

Thanks for this talk! I enjoyed it.

Mike Simonson at 21:21 on 18 Feb 2016

Really enjoyed the infinite drill down in the life of that if. I would love to learn more about those branch prediction logics.

Emily Stamey at 21:26 on 18 Feb 2016

This information was really interesting and clearly explained! I've been away from assembler for a while now.

Some visual improvements would help the attendee follow the ideas presented. Bolder arrows when we are following a path and maybe the use of different colors to help discern step one from step two.

It might be helpful to see the if statement beside the machine code as an inset. It might help carry the ideas forward of which section of the code we are in.

I don't know if you plan to give this talk again, but I think it was really great and would recommend it to friends!