RFCs of the Future: Void Return Type


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Matt Trask at 19:39 on 23 Jun 2016

I forgot to pre-rate this talk with the usual 5 stars.

As always, Cal does a great job breaking down topics and bringing to light things in the PHP community that may or may not be known. Look forward to his next talk!

Joe Ferguson at 19:44 on 23 Jun 2016

Really need to see a quick overview of the important bits of upcoming RFCs. Would be great to see more of this to get upcoming RFCs in front of people sooner.

I always like Cal's talks.

I really appreciate the overview of RFCs in progress. I'd love to see or hear more overviews like this. Trying to keep up via the PHP wiki is *hard*!

Paul McGrane at 19:51 on 23 Jun 2016

Great job Cal, presentation was upbeat and fun, if a little self-deprecating. Content was solid and informative.

Sean Prunka at 13:40 on 7 Jul 2016

I like this. Can't wait to start using them. Thank you Cal for this informative talk. (My only question at the end was Can I mix, using ?void ... returns null or void? Not sure why I would need to or want to, but there's probably a use case somewhere, maybe.)