“New” is Not Your Enemy!


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Eugen Neuber at 20:52 on 13 Oct 2016

very interesting!
some parts were a bit fast -- but that's me

Sven Herrmann at 10:33 on 14 Oct 2016

Thanks for an interesting talk which gave me lots of ideas.

Some critics:
For me, the most interesting part was the one with the logger example. Unfortunately, the explanation why the logger facade is a best/better practice than the other methods was very fast and so not totally clear for me. Before I could really think about it you switched over to another subject (dicso). Perhaps a short break between the two subjects would have been good. I would have wished that you show some other use cases for such a facade (event publisher? progress bars? console output?). In my opinion the part about dicso could have been a bit shorter.
The end has come very suddenly - you didn't ask for questions (but it was my first Nomad PHP talk - perhaps that's not very common).

Thanks for the feedback so far. I indeed rushed a bit multiple times, mostly because of the lack of audience feedback I guess. Given this was my first online presentation I think I need to work on that part a bit.

In case of questions feel free to contact me ;)

Misha van Tol at 16:59 on 16 Oct 2016

Interesting talk giving me some insights in questions I face daily when coding. I don't agree with you everywhere, but overall we're on the same page. I agree with Sven's comment below, the switch to disco was quite abrupt. For me you could have filled the other half with more theoretics and best practices. The disco part was more an tutorial of how to use disco, which is already perfectly documented on the project's readme.