Symfony2 – The Basics


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Nice introduction to Symfony 2.

This was a good introduction. Margaret clearly knows what she's talking about here. And I loved all the fun decorations on the pages.

Margaret was concerned about going too fast, but I think her presentation speed was about right.

I liked the assumption that we should set things up the way Margaret does. That saved a lot of set up.

If I have a critique, it's that the composer usage was a bit out of date (but in line with what I first learned a few months ago). For instance, I believe the current recommend usage is "composer require 'who/package:^1.4.5'", rather than editing composer.json and then doing an update. And the "^1.4.5" means assume semantic versioning and only update if the API should be staying the same.

Everything else, great. Well, except the little green things I kept trying to wipe off the screen...

Great introduction to Symfony2. Gave a great perspective on bundles and actually helped me to understand it better. As a suggestion it would be awesome to see this talk in a moderate to advanced mode where it can present best practices on more advanced topics.


i have problem reading the video bought at nomad php, animations seams to overlap code in slides.

Where can i get the slides of the presentation ?

Thank you.